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Types of Roll Up Awnings

Posted by GuestPoster on October 7, 2010 in Home with No Comments

Awnings are a more convenient way of having a roof for your outdoor space. This item is usually installed on the side or back of the house as an alternative to a patio roof. While permanent awnings are find for many people, roll up awnings have also been getting a lot of interest in recent years. Some homeowners find these awnings more convenient as it is neater to retract during times when it is not needed. It provides great protection from the sunlight if you want to lounge outdoors but don’t want to be totally exposed to sunlight. It is also great for parties that are hosted outdoors as the guests will have a shady place to dine on.

t The aluminum awning is ideal for homes as it is very compact and can compliment the architecture of the house. This product comes in different designs and colors. Even if it rains the aluminum can protect you from getting wet. The downside of this type of awning is that since it is aluminum it can absorb heat, thereby making it hot underneath. Some people install insulator under the aluminum awning to disperse the absorbed heat.

Some homeowners find the cloth material to be cooler as it will not absorb heat. In the past  cloth awnings were only used in RVs and restaurants that had tables outside, but now homeowners are using these awnings too. These products also come in different designs and colors and are relatively cheaper than the aluminum retractable awnings. The downside of the cloth material is that it will get wet in the rain, which is why if the weather is bad you’ll want to make sure to roll it up. It can also easily tear in heavy wind as it is only cloth. But if your purpose is mainly to protect yourself from the sunlight then a cloth roll up awning will be a great choice.

When choosing what kind of roll up awning to purchase you have to consider the material, size of your outdoor space, and the type of awning that will best fit your home.

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